33% more ways to socialise

Export 33

Following the relaunch of Export Gold – the signature kiwi beer – DB wanted to broaden and diversify their range by creating a family of export beers, each designed to play a role in extending appeal to more kiwis at more times – in short a brand that makes sociability easy.

Our job was to create a broader view of family and complement the universal theme of Export Gold, while selling the benefits of the new product Export 33; a beer that answers the call from consumers for a full tasting beer minus the calories.

Export 33 delivers a triple benefit: a third more brewing (brewed for 33% longer than traditional beers) to reduce sugar and therefore carbs, with a third more strength than other low calorie beers; the promise of potency and taste without compromise.

The resulting visual treatment slick and sophisticated with graphics that have multiple meaning and character.