Bringing the family together

Southern Cross

Southern Healthcare Group is NZ’s largest non public health funder and provider, reaching around 100,000 New Zealanders a year. The organisation is not for profit, focused on creating enhancing the health and wellbeing of more New Zealanders.
Southern Cross needed a new identity that connected more with current members, was contemporary and reflected its purpose – to enhance the health and wellbeing of more New Zealanders by putting their needs and interests before profits.
After a research phase, our recommendation was to embrace a group brand with a family of businesses under its umbrella – unified by common goals and values. This decision means Southern Cross can harness the power and trust of a single brand, rather than diluting with multiple ideas. An updated and simplified core identity reflects this positioning shift.
A strong cross symbol was chosen for the identity as it's the universal symbol for healthcare – so was appropriate for a 'best in class' business. This evolution allows Southern Cross to communicate better; clear, friendly and informative at all touch-points.
We also worked with the Health Society to move from corporate position to a trusted consumer brand with broad appeal. We wanted to break the (health insurance) category mold of brochures showing happy families on the beach/lifestyle imagery – instead we asked ‘what could we do that really shows Southern Cross is an advocate for the health and wellbeing of more New Zealanders?'
That line of questioning led us to the idea of ‘healthful advice’ – healthy tips at every touch-point of our brand experience – coupled with beautifully shot imagery that related to that piece of advice.
Deliverables: A group identity across four businesses, internal values, internal engagement, collateral, member program, photography, launch materials, intranet, stationery, communications and touch-points.