Defining straightforward pathways

New Zealand Post Retail

PostShop Kiwibank’s Store of the Future is all about the customer experience, and fitting an interactive space out with the right elements to make that experience one of “refreshing ease”.

With a comprehensive range of services and products, PostShop Kiwibank outlets offer far more than any customer wants at any given time.

Focusing on making the experience an easy one to get Kiwis achieving what they needed to, quickly and efficiently, Designworks created zones defined by the various types of needs a customer might have.

By breaking down the retail space and creating a clear and definable pathway from one area to another, such as a directional boardwalk and communal wrap and pack spaces for postal items, the result is a feeling of intuitive fit and seamless transactions.

Customers at the new stores, currently being rolled out around New Zealand, find cool, efficient work bench and teller counters for transactional functions, such as postage, and everyday over-the-counter banking and warm and welcoming ‘sit-down’ spaces for more personal consultative functions.

Designworks helped PostShop Kiwibank pick natural colours, such as Pohutukawa red and earthy greens, and largely locally made materials to create a relaxed, distinctly Kiwi feel.

The Store of the Future experience is endorsed in customer feedback stating their preference for the retail interaction at PostShop Kiwibank over other banks, and on a commercial level the freshened combination of product, service and design is lifting store performance and improving the return on investment for the new retail spaces.