Eats & Retail Treats


Wellington’s eco-sanctuary, Zealandia, opened its new visitor centre complete with a store and café with the view to maximise its position as a major New Zealand tourism destination. Designworks’ task was to create both the store and café brand concepts.

The store concept needed to be an extension of the Zealandia brand. A stencil style font was used to resemble the lettering on shipping crates while the Zealandia logo was locked up in the form of a retail tag. The result was a playful logo suggesting a new crateful of merchandise had arrived. Designworks’ also designed a range of merchandise collateral for the store.

The café concept brief differed from the store as it needed to be a standalone brand and a destination in its own right. It did, however, need to be consistent with the Zealandia brand values by incorporating sustainability. With this in mind the name Rata (a native New Zealand tree) was chosen. Because of this, the final design craftily merges the image of a tree, which upon second glance, is also a fork holding a leaf of lettuce. The colours used are fresh and vibrant symbolising freshly prepared food, while the imperfect texture gives the design a personal handmade feel.
With the final concept being both bold and fresh, it appeals to the target audience of health-conscious families with young children.

Deliverables: Brand Identity, Promotional Collateral and Merchandise