Getting the A into G!

Brand Auckland

Creating a brand to encompass and represent the city of Auckland, we talked to mayors, national politicians, members of the public and respondents from as far away as London, Moscow and Shanghai. We began to see Auckland as a festival; always something going on, something to discover, some events not to everyone's liking, but all are catered to.

Auckland city's new identity reflects the diversity of a festival. The contemporary, evolving is full of spirit and spark almost too much energy to be contained. Photographic imagery depicts spheres: microcosms worlds within worlds
in a vibrant place, open to life and to change.

Brand Auckland has been adopted by organizations at many levels across the city and even out to sea. It can currently be seen proudly emblazoned along the side of Oracle as it competes in the Louis Vuitton Pacific Series on Auckland Harbour.

Deliverables: Brand identity, visual signature and guidelines.