Hanger 9 – A Live Experience Showcase

Hanger 9, Air New Zealand

Over a year since its unveiling, Hangar 9 is still providing Air New Zealand with an inspiring space in which to test new product and showcase their long haul experience’s evolution. Hangar 9 started life as a secret lab for production development, prototypes and testing before transforming into the experience centre that launched in January 2010.
More than 11,000 guests to date have experienced this true working space where new interior configurations and journey experiences are prototyped and live tested with mock flights – a true ideas incubator and product generator.
The design of the current space began with a collaboration between Air New Zealand and Designworks (and business partners David Scott, New Improved and Signcraft) to help create a space that would deliver on the ‘new world class’ promise that had driven three years of work at the airline.
They wanted a truly innovative exhibition environment in which they could introduce staff, suppliers, partners, key customers and media to their world-breaking new long haul experience (which includes Skycouch and Spaceseat).
The concept – which embraced a project team of architects and specialist interior designers – was a modern, industrial, state of the art working hangar - a working hangar that showed innovation working live.
“We wanted to bring the story of innovation to life, in a way that reflected the new long haul experience but remained true to the authenticity of a modern, industrial workshop” explains Jef Wong, Group Head of Design at Designworks. “It was great to be involved in a project of this scale with the Air New Zealand design team”.