If Your Image Doesn't Work Put a Dog In It

Best Design Awards Book

In 2007, following a long absence from New Zealand bookshelves, the Designer’s Institute of New Zealand decided to revive the Best Design Awards ‘book’. As a platinum sponsor of DINZ, designworks committed to design a series of three annuals for the award years 2007, 2008 and 2009.


Our home-grown design annual and awards catalogue features finalists and winning entries in product, spatial, graphic and interactive design categories. The 2007 relaunch-edition design reflected that year’s sustainable theme - using a tree air freshener motif against a wood finish veneer.

For 2008, we chose to breathe more life into the then existing marketing concept - which featured coloured balloons. A family of toy balloon creatures each represent a different award category. A purple canine got the cover spot, in reference to the often-cited Norman Rockwell (and Sagmeister re-phrased) line, “if your image doesn’t work, put a dog in it.”


Deliverables: Design, Art Direction


www.dinz.org.nz www.bestawards.co.nz