Designworks was given the task to create the ultimate "treasure chest" for storing early childhood mementos. Parents Inc. wanted an enduring and uniquely kiwi product that would inspire families to record and celebrate milestones.
We created an organiser for a child's hopes, dreams and adventures. The album is built to last a lifetime. Fabric covered and case bound, with 160 pages featuring themed sections, primed with creative thought-starters, inspiring parents to pass on "heart treasures" to the next generation. A distinctive kiwi flavour is woven throughout the book with original images, hand drawn illustrations and touching quotes.
Every MyStory album comes in its own rough sawn timber box, with a functional sliding lid. Inside, removable dividers create compartments perfect for storing those shells, drawings, stickers, bugs, rocks, fairy dust and just about anything!
The concept - from the book to the box was created by designworks, produced by Parents Inc. in association with their principal supporter, AMI Insurance.