Opening Doors to Graduates


Telecom approached Designworks to help bring together their graduate offering into a more engaging and powerful proposition.

The telecommunications giant has three diverse graduate programmes aimed at final year university students. They offer graduates a three-year accounting programme, a two-year leadership development role or a technical cadetship.

Telecom needed a single concept to act as an umbrella for their graduate programmes, which could be communicated across many channels and three distinct audiences.

Designworks’ response was to create the concept ‘Be Every You.’ This was a concept designed to connect with graduates’ desires for a career beyond the normal boundaries. To say here is the perfect environment where you can be you. The concept speaks to the graduates, emphasizing that a career with Telecom is a great way to discover new ways of doing things and find their true selves along the way.

The result was an online call to action. Designworks crafted the concept, look and feel for the flash landing page and website content pages. Further marketing collateral included online ad banners, on-campus posters, student magazine print ads and leaflets and DL flyers.

The response from the Telecom team has been very positive.

Pete Loveridge, Head of Brand, appreciated how the site demonstrated how the new brand could change the experience for people.

Wayne Peat, Group HR Director, also had a fantastic site experience, enthusing: “This represents a major milestone for us at Telecom. We wanted a high impact, human, energising site using our own Telecom people. It’s allowing us to open our ‘front door’ wider than ever before to bright and innovative talent."

“Bringing our brand alive in the right way is really important and in this case we have succeeded – great work”, says Loveridge.


Deliverables: web development, promotional collateral