Redefining traditional hospitality conventions

The Temperance

Unknown to Wellington, what was then The Temperance Hotel, was about to be transformed into a supersite The Temperance bar as you know it today. DB Breweries wanted to build a new place for sociability in New Zealand, a place where there was something for everyone.

designworks' task was to create a space that could transform day and night, capture the heritage of the building, be a sports venue, but not a sports bar. A place for the masses, but had feelings of intimacy. A place that didn't look like a try hard international concept.

We redefined the traditional bar experience. The result,
an iconic place for Wellingtonians and visitors to experience complementary offerings within the one site.

Three floors with four unique attitudes and characters: Madam Jo Jo's an exclusive club providing a night of elegance and indulgence; The Millard the official social headquarters of Wellington rugby; The Atrium Bar & Kitchen guaranteed to tickle your taste buds; and The Brewery specialty beers, brewed fresh onsite!