Refining the upstart

Wayward Heir

Wayward Heir is, as the name indicates, the unruly offspring of the established parent Rembrandt. While a chip off the old block in terms of inheriting some classic DNA (innate style), Wayward Heir is aimed at a younger, renegade, ambitious and savvy market. A customer who's cocky yet charming, and who wants to stand out and make his mark.

'A little bit daring' was the idea created to drive everything from product design right through to the brand identity, communications and in-store experience.

The brand identity embodies the name with its turning the world on its head subversive attitude. Capital serif letters are bold, and confident. Imagery is provocative and captures an expectant mood. The charm is in the detail.

Brook Pannell from Rembrandt says "Everything about the new brand, Wayward Heir, has been incredibly well received by the discerning retail market and fashion press alike. We have also taken Wayward Heir to Australia in an export capacity and have seen immediate growth within a competitive space, during tempestuous market conditions."

Deliverables: Brand strategy, visual signature design, communication/advertising concepts.