Royal Treatment Online


Banks Group, one of New Zealand's most successful footwear retailers, wanted to unite their collective product offering under one new brand that reflected their dedication to customer service.

We created a strategy to make shopping a pleasure and created the name RoyalT the brand that gives you, the shopper, the royal treatment.

The jewelled crown rests atop the distinguished, upper case
T resembling a crest or royal seal which is shorthand for The Royal Treatment. The traditional and regal Baskerville is juxtaposed with the more fashionable and timeless Futura.

While shopping online, customers can select how they wish to be greeted and addressed choosing from titles such as 'Crown Princess', 'Lord', 'King' or 'Queen'. You can ask 'The Footman' anything you desire, listen to the 'Court Suggester', or check out the 'Royal Executioner's' cut price deals.

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