Shifting Headspace

Telecom Place internal branding and wayfinding

Moving an organisation as big as Telecom into a new purpose-built corporate headquarters in Auckland is no mean feat. More than a physical shift, it's also a shift in headspace for the more than 2000 staff that make the move.

Since October 2010 Telecom staff have been settling into this new environment complete with fluid workspaces, contemporary hotdesking arrangements, shared meeting spaces, and of course fully operationally separate companies.

Designworks were asked to bring the Telecom brand to life in a meaningful way for staff both inside the building and on the external facades. We focused on creating dialogue between the brand and the people, as well as the functional wayfinding requirements and the logistics of tagging and identifying hundreds of bookable meeting spaces. With a series of visits to the site as it was being built, and through careful co-operation with architects, Warren & Mahoney and our signage suppliers, we were able to develop a full suite of graphics that would welcome, guide, engage, question, and inspire staff throughout their day. From the carpark to the Executive Level, Telecom place embodies the dynamic and progressive nature of New Zealand's Telco.