Live, immersive, reactive...

Creating a totally immersive and engaging experience for Semi-Permanent Auckland 2015 – the likes of which hadn’t been seen before. Beyond identity and into complete experience design.

A brand that is semi-permanent, that would live on the day and be influenced by the audience at Semi-Permanent themselves. On the surface, while it was a relatively simple idea, there was a huge amount of complexity in bringing it all together and creating – for the first time ever  – a live graphic system that could respond to and engage with the crowd and surroundings.

We had an open brief, which allowed us to experiment, play and really push the boundaries of what the idea could be. The idea became a platform for creativity and collaboration that would complement our own capabilities and take our vision further.

Together with Hubbub – a collective of three AUT students, Braeden Foster, Martin Hill and Reuben Poharama, all in their final year of a bachelors degree in Creative Technologies – we created a living, moving and ever-changing expression that would reflect the notion of ‘semi-permanence’, capturing a moment in time and inviting people to share the energy and excitement. A colourful and complex system of shapes that could split apart and re-configure formed the basis of the design and wider system (e.g. signage and wayfinding on the day and product design displays in the space). An interactive graphic was created in Open Frameworks fed by three data streams would affect the artwork in a different way: the number of people in the auditorium, noise levels (e.g. clapping) and twitter via a hashtag #SPAKL. Audience participation was key to making the artwork come to life. Custom soundscapes with an ambient/electric style helped bring the graphic to life and create a totally immersive experience like hadn’t been seen before.

An intriguing and versatile language system was developed to talk to key themes that would provoke, engage and cut through. A series of open-ended questions such as “are we…”, “we are…”, “is everything…” invited the attendees to reflect on the idea of semi-permanence.

Overall the entire two-day experience received extremely positive feedback from both excited audience members and speakers themselves.

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