That’s the spirit!

Redefining the role of an iconic New Zealand institution to engaging new generations.

With an aging demographic and the advent of 24/7 entertainment and hospitality options, the RSA brand, a mainstay of Kiwi society, appeared increasingly uninviting or irrelevant to new generations.

Designworks re-invested it with new relevance by focussing on a new Purpose, ‘To Champion the Anzac Spirit Across All Generations’, and by bringing to the fore the qualities of Courage, Compassion, Camaraderie and Commitment that embody the Anzac spirit alive and well in all Kiwis today.

The new brand identity presents a picture that is more energetic, bolder, welcoming and colourful. The new ‘heart’ logo symbolizes the RSA’s ambition to be ‘At the Heart of Local Communities’, a vibrant community hub that plays an active part in growing the Anzac spirit.

Says Dr Stephen Clarke, then RSA Chief Executive, “The re-communication of the Anzac spirit and its values sees us returning to the heart and spirit of the RSA. Designworks respectfully but robustly challenged us to remember our past, re-examine our current position, and to revitalize ourselves in order to play a more valuable role in today’s society. It is an exciting time in the RSA as we re-connect with all generations of New Zealanders.”