Stake our claim

The Lyttelton Port Company is embarking on an ambitious redevelopment plan. We were tasked with positively engaging stakeholders and the local community with the Port’s aspirations.

Over a 20-year period, the majority of the Port’s operations will move east and new land will be reclaimed to allow the Port to manage future growth and remain competitive. The Plan will also open up the inner harbour for improved access by the local community and increased recreational use of the waterfront.

Our approach has been to put a human face on what to date has been a corporate identity, removed from the community itself.

Lyttelton is a living, working Port town. It was important that we reflected the Port’s character to create human interest and make the company feel like part of the community.

We did this by focusing on the hard working people of Lyttelton and letting them tell their stories. We used a straight up tone-of-voice, documentary style photography and a raw natural aesthetic.

We also created a drop in space, Port Talk, a place where the community could get more information and chat with senior port staff about the proposed plans.

Port Lyttelton Company
Stakeholder and Community Engagement