HOP to the rescue

Complicated public transport payment systems have been the bane of councils and consumers worldwide. Designworks HOPped to the rescue with an integrated brand solution to make Auckland’s transport experience easier and more accessible.

Congested motorways, blocked lanes and longer travel times peak curiosity in the public transport system in Auckland, but only if the solution is seen as easier. The roll-out of Auckland Transport’s HOP smart card and system provided just this ease, especially with the Designworks team alongside to breathe energy and ease into the user experience.

Led by the notion of a HOP card acting as a helper, Designworks infused the HOP brand with traits common to helpfulness – friendliness, ease, and simplification – to create a fully-fledged communications campaign. The easy-to-understand design assets, designed for both tourists and locals, spanned across the brand website, digital ads, signage and liveries for buses and bus-stops, hoardings and escalators, which themselves escalated understanding and adoption of the new card. The usage of common and adventurous catchphrases such as ‘Here Comes HOP’ or ‘Ready Steady HOP’ ground-swelled excitement at the relevant times for users, giving opportunity to a new way of using public transport.

The execution of the HOP card design system, stemming from the users’ personal card right through to livery in stations, bus stops and helper uniforms, helped commuters experience the system in a fun and friendly, and most importantly easy, way.

HOP to the rescue