Super local

In Victoria the opportunity existed to position a bank as the first choice, a super local preference to the big four, a bank that will never exist in any other state or region with products and services tailored to the people of Melbourne and Victoria – that bank is the Bank of Melbourne.

Designworks created the strategy that enabled the client to build a bank that would be a ‘truly local alternative to the big four’, a bank focused on what regional customers value – locally managed, community based with caring and approachable staff. A bank built and designed by Melbournians for Melbournians.

The brand forms a modern dynamic take on a trusted and enduring symbol. The shapes reflect the architecture of Melbourne, think the Arts Centre and Federation Square. They also symbolise the elements that together make Melbourne great.

Closely followed by the strategy, Designworks created the brand identity and is now working to apply this across the banks stationery, signage, internal communications, advertising, merchandise and staff engagement.

With the announcement to the press on the 10th March the Bank of Melbourne registered 1000s of mentions on social media and over 20,000 click throughs on digital banners.

Bank of Melbourne