New story

The Fletcher brand has been built on a reputation for building quality that lasts and homes that will stand the test of time. Now Fletcher plans to significantly increase the number of homes built and sold.

To meet their growth aspirations Fletcher will be increasing the diversity of its offer – to meet the lifestyles of a wider cross-section of New Zealand.

To appeal to more people the brand needed to add to its building pedigree and become known for the lifestyles it enables for the people who live in their homes.

We consolidated 7 separate ‘home builder’ brands under one brand with a strong customer experience proposition: Fletcher Living.

Research told us the while build quality earned trust, it was how people lived in the spaces that Fletcher created for them that defined the experience.

We took the idea of inside-out living to create  a brand identity with a palette inspired by the colours of home; an uplifting conversational tone of voice; contemporary, friendly typography and photography that shows what living looks like.

Fletcher Residential
Brand & Internal Engagement