Rediscover Funtopia

Imagining an immersive brand world where inhibitions have no place, silliness is encouraged and everything looks like one big delicious daydream.

Following a strategic review, Ardent Leisure Group realized its AMF brand was in need of a refresh. While well known, the brand had lost its relevance. A tired brand identity and in-centre experience didn’t help.

We helped AMF rediscover its reason for being: to be the place for good old-fashioned fun. This thought guided a reimagining of their brand, organized around a simple yet joy filled idea: Rediscover Funtopia.

With such a playful brand platform, our design team was free to explore, imagine and tinker; creating vibrant imaginary worlds where hot dogs become hot air balloons, icicles are made from icy poles and everything is lickable, touchable and playable. We developed a bright colour palette, whacky, over the top illustration style, new tone of voice and internal culture framework designed to fire the imagination.


AMF Bowling / Ardent Leisure
Rediscover Funtopia