Strong Together

Benevolent Society was turning 200 years old and asked Designworks to make them relevant in today’s market.

Strong Together was the brief and Strong Together was the solution. The joining letters represent the strength gained by working together, and the intersections point to the change that can occur through this strength. A broad colour spectrum was used to represent the underlying brand pillars of hope, strength, love, wisdom, and belonging. These created a bright and positive colour expression. Super graphics were created to help carry the colour and create a bold, impactful identity. The result was a 200-year old charity that was relevant again in 2013, as well as it reinvigorated staff and stakeholders.

With an under-performing brand, diverse offerings and a 200th birthday fast approaching, the challenge was to create a clear, cut-through identity. A collaborative, six month strategic brand review explored name, architecture, print and digital materials, and products. The result is a dynamic new vision and creative expression that successfully captures and communicates Benevolent Society’s breadth, passion, and relevance. We are a catalyst for positive change in people’s lives and in society. We’re about connecting people, families, and communities. We believe our new brand identity brings this philosophy to life and is driving the transformation of our organization, both inside and out. — ANNE HOLLONDS, CEO OF BENEVOLENT SOCIETY

The Benevolent Society
Strong together