Wake up Little Susie

Little Merchants is a new cafe in the heart of Addington, Christchurch. It is the sister to Café Lumes – a café with a reputation for serving some of the best coffee in Christchurch.

Little Merchants continues Lumes passion and expertise for great coffee – with one key difference: it’s size. Small but perfectly formed best describes it.  The diminutive proportions of Little Merchants drives an even greater focus on the coffee; and instead of on-site kitchen facilities has led to a strategy of curating unique and tasty treats prepared off-site by other ‘merchants’. Hence its name.

The identity accentuates the positive by making a virtue of the cafes jewel-like nature. The idea for the identity was to play on the idea of ‘little’ as a theme, and express it through an eclectic series of sayings, lyrics and objects.

A 'block device' visually links back to the logo and implies the word ‘little’ without needing to include the word itself. And imagery used through the identity consists of a collection of ‘little’ objects whether they are little in value or size.

The custom designed font and unique visual identity provided a well-balanced and complimentary feel to the cafes industrial surroundings and interior.

Little Merchants
Wake up Little Susie