We Will Remember

Creating the single entry point to all of new Zealand’s official First World War Centenary activities worldwide.

Our brief was to create the official icon for New Zealand's marking of the centenary of World War One, a four year programme of reflection, remembrance, celebration and debate encompassing New Zealanders of different generations, ethnicities and points of view.

The brand had to connect the past with contemporary New Zealand – a vehicle to tell stories of how the legacy of these monumental events are informing our society today, summed up in the core creative idea ‘Look Again’.

The programme was given the stark, simplified name 'WW100' to reflect the definitive nature of the conflict (the ‘Great War’).

The icon represents ‘an entry point’ to activities and information, such as participating in an event, visiting an exhibition or accessing an online resource. Often seen first as a contemporised poppy, but in an instant it can also be read as an open eye, a target, a bullet wound.

Designed to provoke and not simply rest on established ideas about the war, nor shy away from the horrific reality of what happened. The brand puts a modern perspective alongside sentiment and heritage.

Ministry of Culture & Heritage
Brand & Identity