Experiencing the future of banking

A new inspiration and experience centre for Westpac staff and stakeholders to stay on the pulse with customer expectations, innovation and technology.

Located in Westpac Auckland’s HQ building in Britomart, ‘the Bridge’ was created to drive staff engagement and unite the workforce across Westpac’s innovations, always viewed through a customer-focused lens. Designed to be a walk-through space where staff and stakeholders could play and experiment, the Bridge is all about having fun and learning. Featuring regularly rotating content, the space also consists of simple, demonstrable experiences that show how people and technology can work together. Designworks’ spatial, strategy and innovation teams worked hard and fast in close collaboration with the team at Westpac to achieve the first phase of the centre by late 2014. The reaction to the ‘Bridge’ has been extremely positive, with over 1000 staff having had an official tour of the space and several thousand more having been exposed to it, including external teams from the likes of Auckland Transport and Samsung. Excitingly – a number of items trialled at the Bridge have since gone to market, such as Westpac’s new online banking platform Moven. Westpac are also using the space to prototype and develop concepts for their new channel strategy, which will run across their network in the future. It is the ultimate innovation space – designed for the bank of the future.