A fresh take on a food retail experience

Designing the next generation of New Zealand food retailing. How a customer centric design process helped our client meet changing customer needs and stay a step ahead of the competition.

Facing increased competition and changing customer needs, Foodstuffs New Zealand challenged us to think smart, think small, and create a small format store that could represent the next generation of food retailing.

To help us innovate we undertook a customer led, rapid prototyping approach. Customer insights showed that people’s busier lives were shifting them from larger shops less often to small shops more frequently, and fast wholesome meal creation was a core need that wasn’t currently being met. In essence, they wanted fresh meals fast and with care. So we started by designing a concept with these needs at its heart, creating a unique, category changing experience that would exceed customer expectations. A new format that put fresh meals at the heart of life.

We used a design thinking approach and built a full-scale prototype store interior. This allowed us to test, in real time, people’s reactions to some of our ideas for new layouts and the product offer. It proved to be an invaluable tool in building confidence in the concept – and helping iron out the important operational changes that needed to accompany any new concept.

The Fresh Collective design process was, for us, a way to involve customers in the creation of a new brand. Capturing their reactions to guide the ideal experience, and paying attention to how people connect on a physical and sensory level. 

Early signs are that customers are responding very well to the new concept. It shows us that brands and experiences don’t just need to feel more human. They need to be created in a more human way.   

Fresh Collective