Getting closer

Tait’s world has changed significantly since it first started assembling mobile radios in 1969. Tait needed a brand that reflected its new reality.

Tait was founded in 1969 with a focus on designing and assembling mobile radios. Today customers turn to Tait for complete communications solutions – sourced, deployed, supported and managed in a fully integrated way.

When Tait engaged Designworks it was 2-years into an ongoing business transformation from radio manufacturer to world leading solutions provider.

Tait was delivering solutions that included more than just radios – but its brand didn’t reflect this. We needed to transform the brand’s identity and expression to better reflect and drive the new business strategy.

Tait’s business is built on providing solutions that come from getting closer to customers in order to understand what really matters and will make a difference in their worlds. We developed an identity and visual expression to communicate that Tait worked harder than any of their competitors to get closer to their customers.

Tait Communication
Brand & Identity