Love letters to Sydney

Dreaming up a romantic and sensory brand identity for Sydney’s newest luxury hotel, The Darling. Making the hotel experience all the more intimate.

The Darling, which opened in November 2011, is Sydney’s newest luxury hotel. Our brief was to position it as Sydney’s most sensational hotel experience prior to its completion. So, we set out to make The Darling experience all about romance. 

The architectural design of the hotel features wedges cut out of the main form of the building. Look closely and you’ll see we applied this technique to our custom entrance typeface, creating the illusion that the elements are literally leaning out to greet you.        

The commissioned typeface gives each communication the feel of a one-off typewritten letter with a tone-of-voice that evokes that special kind of intimacy you find between two people who know each other very well.         

We used a range of materials that embodied the natural characteristics of the Australian landscape, including solid copper entry signage and burnt orange accents. We wrapped the glass exterior of the hotel in oversized romantic prose that could be read in its entirety or in intriguing small snippets. Swoon! 


The Darling
Love letters to Sydney