Optimised Education

Refreshing the identity for BSchool required creating a brand that realised a strong desire to empower the next wave of Australian business leaders. BSchool is focused on providing optimised education for the new economy, via leadership, entrepreneurship and action: a place where people can achieve the extraordinary.

Designworks were brought in by the BSchool leadership team to collaboratively shape the brands strategy, identity and architecture platforms, with a more focused and engaging visual identity, sub brands and related guidelines. Three themes were identified that encapsulated the various essences of BSchool, those being the creation of a Community, being an Enabler and developing a progressive Education system. The unique nature of BSchool is that each theme feeds into the next to create a virtuous cycle of continual development, that provides students with practical skills to succeed - where successive generations learn from those that have come before them.

The branding idea centered on creating optimised education to facilitate a creative-led transformation of the Australian business landscape. Designworks developed a visual personality for the brand that has the flexibility to be more radical, or practical, as each situation demands. 

A simple base of primary colours sets the tone of the brand: ranging from assured, positive and smart, through to the loud and attention demanding, and rounded out by youthful, fun and exciting. BSchool is the education system that has been built to meet the needs of those hungry to bring about change, one that accelerates the development of truly extraordinary thinking.

Refreshing the BSchool identity