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Creating a set of global guidelines for Westfield to bring marketing efforts from the US, UK, Australia and digital teams together with one beautiful, high-end identity system.

Westfield had a gradually developing identity crisis. Their digital team, Westfield Labs, had modified the identity to suit their specific needs. US centres were defining their own identity in a tactical, ad-hoc basis. The UK had conducted localisation work.

Meanwhile Australia had built and implemented their identity system in a rigidly uniform way, inhibiting creativity and losing opportunities to better connect with their shoppers. Change was needed. Massive change. That’s where we come in.

We created a detailed, highly considered yet very simple set of core assets, typographic systems and art direction principles. We treated the document as a piece of software, and every page as a user interface for the brand. By residing online, the system is flexible and easily updated to allow ongoing evolution in response to rapidly changing marketing needs.

We documented clear, user-friendly guiding principles illustrated by best practice examples and supported by artworked templates for brand implementers. Finally, we hosted training sessions across Australian and overseas marketing teams to launch the new guidelines supported by cheat sheets and other supporting materials. 


Global Brand Guidelines