Multistop in Slo-mo

Designworks has recently launched a campaign for USG Boral showcasing new high performance plasterboard products, Multi-stopTM 5 and 5HI. The campaign focuses on increasing product performance awareness within the building and architectural industries by cutting through a technically focused sector to bring the products to life and create a clear point of difference.

The campaign successfully showcases the product’s range of commercial uses and takes a lateral and artistic approach by visually highlighting the five key resistance attributes  – water, mould, impact, sound and fire.  With the use of slow motion film and time lapse photography set to classical music, the sequence of five videos captures the resistance qualities of the products, highlighting the product attributes in an unexpected and dynamic way.

The video-led campaign also extends across a digital microsite, online and traditional print advertising, direct mail, sales tools and a major industry-based competition. The campaign is achieving strong impact and cut through to the intended audience in a category that’s typically staid and predictable, with results translating to instant brand and product awareness and sales.