Purely YOURS

Purist sneaker brand YOURS wanted to convey their essentialist identity as a background to the big characters that would one day fill their shoes. Designworks helped distil the concept via a new season launch and event.

Sneaker culture is not always considered minimalist, yet this understated ethos is exactly what sets apart fashion forward sneaker label YOURS, created by shoe designer Andrew Henry. Crafted kicks by YOURS are dedicated to paring back the unnecessary, right back to basic colour and shape, to let the characters wearing them shine. To catapult the new range, Designworks set about the art of communicating only the essential elements of a sneaker  – shape, colour, and luminosity.

Driven by YOURS’ ‘less is more’ approach, Designworks merged art with footwear, creating glossy daubs that encapsulated the ideology of each model. The Venkman sneaker’s black and gold colourway hit the wall in bright metallic artwork; Cohen’s brilliant blue drop made its mark on the framed page; Babbit’s caramel hues softened the prints with a resonating warmth evocative of the wear-everywhere shoe. Each of the nine models combined created a photographic expose for the launch event, which, like the shoes themselves, could be collected in a limited edition run of 45 A2 original photographic, hand-signed artworks. 

The collaboration between YOURS and Designworks resulted in a pared-back design that, just like the shoes, lets its wearer’s characters shine - making each and every pair truly YOURS.

YOURS Sneakers
Purely YOURS