A viewfinder for your future

A unique interactive experience that would increase potential student interest and deliver on the brands promise 'reframing learning to create highly productive talent'.

How do you make your brand stand out amidst tough competition at an expo? How can you use design to visually communicate your company messaging at a glance?


These were the questions facing Unitec just ahead of the 2012 Coca-Cola Careers Expo, a three-day interactive showcase featuring New Zealand’s best education institutes to 2,000+ site visitors. The brief for Designworks was to convey Unitec’s unique and inspirational messaging straight to the heart of the people they most wanted to engage with: their prospective students.

Using Unitec’s key brand tenets – reality, inventiveness and immersion – Designworks set to work and created a stand that had an immediate impact from a distance. A specially-developed gamified iPad app hung on a lycra ‘umbilical’. The app matched the visitors’ personality types with their future professions. The stand was designed to be open and accessible from all sides, creating a welcoming and modern feel.

Housed in reusable and reconfigurable materials such as white-washed strandboard and and aluminium, the design was simple, showcasing Unitec’s new directorate direction: the freedom to think big and bold whilst having fun. Culminating in 1,436 total student registrations over the three days, Unitec’s message certainly got across!

Unitec Coke Careers Expo 2012