Mapping the future

Evernote meets Pinterest in this innovative tool for New Zealand Post business sales teams. A single repository of information for over 100 products and services, the web-app supports better customer conversations that span the breadth of NZ Posts business offering.

New Zealand Post was bringing together the NZ Post and Courier post business sales teams under a single aligned brand, in order to better serve Customer needs. 

Sales teams across the business had a deep understanding of the products and services of their particular business unit, but lacked the full breadth of understanding that would best meet customers needs. Sales collateral (where available), was of mixed quality, depth, and spanned two different sets of branding.

Our initial brief was to review and align existing sales collateral and other sales tools to support the Aligned Services Branding project. By interviewing sales people from across NZ Post and CourierPost we identified an opportunity to deliver a new sales tool better suited to their sales process, and customers needs.

This led us to design and build a web-app that could be used by mobile sales teams, and phone based sales teams alike. The tool would serve as a single source of product information across the full suite of NZ Post and CourierPost products and services.

Through an iterative design process, using rapid prototyping and user testing, we refined the sales tool app from being a digital sales brochure into a powerful productivity tool that could effectively support a sales conversation and deliver an immediate follow up to customers.

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