Creating New Connections to Dance

A name and identity for a new dance organisation formed to build a sustainable hot bed of talent and creativity – A creative environment that can challenge and grow New Zealand dance culture.

The idea for NZDC is to ‘Create New Connections to Dance’ by staging contemporary dance in highly engaging ways and different contexts. Breaking new ground with new fusions and collaborations that excite in ways people can’t get enough of, providing a stage for the New Zealand champion of new dance. 

The mark highlights the idea of creative collaborations – an empty stage to be filled with expressions of movement. With a dynamic display typeface always set at a 14 degree angle, the same as our stage graphic, a distinctive and consistent system emerges. The graphic works, a mix of different styles, mediums and methods, (including typography, image and animation) are created by designers and creatives within the wider NZDC community, resulting in a dynamic suite of identities, each an 'expression of movement' that allows the brand to be diverse, energetic, ever-changing, organic and free, mirroring the diversity of the dance works that overtime the company will produce. 

New Zealand Dance Company
Creating New Connections to Dance