Single Source

Creating a uniquely New Zealand beer that could re-awaken a beer lovers appreciation of the craft and skill that goes into creating beers with recognisably authentic qualities.

Monteith’s Single Source is a uniquely New Zealand batch-brewed beer, unswervingly true to the land and the people from which it originates. This origin story is honoured through every facet of its identity. “The design approach was to place the product at the fore – it’s all about the journey that is taken to create a beer that fits the brewers ideals.” The name ‘Single Source’ is a direct explanation of the process – handpicking ingredients, the beer’s traceable origin and craftspeople and the signature line as the human journey of the beer’s creation. A QR code on each bottle (when scanned by a Smartphone) reveals the story of genesis – telling the drinker exactly where their beer ‘ales’ from. The design of the bottle reflects the beer’s integrity and character, with the bottle’s black colour serving as both a protector from harmful sunlight (important in preserving the beer’s unique characteristics), as well as a point of differentiation in the beer market. 

Monteith’s Single Source has won a Gold at the 2011 Pentawards- the packaging industry’s equivalent of the Oscars.

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