Creating a warm welcome

The client brief was to design an exhibition space for Fonterra’s new Headquarters building to showcase their history, present and future.

The most important elements to consider were that the exhibition had; a modular approach, centered on the co-operative and their farmers, needs to be grounded, reflect dairy for life story, focus on Fonterra and it’s people, a simplified exhibition design with a palette of honest materials.

The opportunity for the design of the Fonterra Dairy for Life hub and Retail experience, was to create a natural walk through a space that physically, visually and expediently tells the Fonterra Dairy for Life story. The environment needed to be familiar to visitors, but delivered in a new and fresh way, a natural walk, allowing visitors to discover spaces naturally. The space is divided into zones, each with a clear hierarchy with the intention of inspiring, informing and finally intriguing visitors. The exhibition was designed around consistent visual language that is clear, simple and grounded, naturally sophisticated with minimal use of material and colour. 

The space is framed by a ‘foundation’ wall which depicts important events in the history of Fonterra, this frames the flow of the journey, with modular units of varying sizes making up each story and creating three distinctive zones. The intention was to have a very grounded space with only a small selection of materials used. The exhibition space, compliments the retail space by utilising similar materials, however these are finished with a more polished and crisper aesthetic. The exhibition which tells the Fonterra Dairy for Life story of ‘all the way from their farms to consumers' homes’, is unique in that at the end of their ‘journey’ visitors can purchase the end product from the retail store. 

We have used a variety of devices to engage with visitors throughout their ‘journey’ thorough the space, from an electric glass ‘window’ at the entrance which partially masks the exhibition and gives a projected welcome message, then finishes up as clear glass allowing visitors to see the exhibition space laid out before them.

Fonterra Co-operative Group
Fonterra Dairy for Life Visitor Experience