Bringing Back Craft

Ideas explores the concept of typography as contemplative space and the balance between the tactile and the printed.

Ideas explores concepts of graphic tactility and the value of craft in design. Frustrated by the limitations that digital technology imposes on contemporary design thinking, Ideas questions what happens when typography is brought away from the computer and back into craft. The installation consists of a three dimensional layered typeface composed of wooden panels and vinyl and metal rods. The piece invites viewers to step out and gain perspective; to walk around and explore the work from different angles. Thus, it involves active participation and a different level of engagement than is gained from a two-dimensional piece. It is food for thought, a reminder to those that experience it to be curious, creative and explore a variety of perspectives.

The shift away from the digital mode of operating has attracted wide spread interest and Anzac was asked to share his thoughts at Design Assembly, as well as invited to exhibit his work at the prestigious Munich Talente, an international applied art and design exhibition in Germany.

"Ideas" by Anzac
Bringing Back Craft