Straight up sharper


Great brands can be like the crown jewels, worth a lot, but needing a polish now and again.
Tui is the story of one of New Zealand's truly great icons.
Since its relaunch in the mid 90s, it's a brand that completely changed the way beer brands operated.
Going well beyond the norms of beer to be in itself a national (anti) hero.
The combination of the iconic Yeah Right campaign, its irreverent advertising made it the nation's conscience – in a highly amusing and engaging way.
But with all this great attitude, somewhere along the way the quality and heritage of the beer and the brand got a bit lost.
By literally putting a quality badge on the brand, we reminded people of what made Tui great in the first place. All that beer worthiness, all the new innovation and the beer award credibility (Tui East India Pale Ale was voted New Zealand's Best Draught, and Tui Blond was voted New Zealand's Best Premium Lager, at BrewNZ 2010) was encapsulated in a badge of quality that also added a new sharpness.
This badge was extended out to become a powerful system that at every touchpoint made it uniquely Tui.
On bottle it's a quality crest that reframes the iconic elements in a fresh new way.
At AMI Stadium it becomes a powerful signage system that elevates the brand over others in its sheer standout.
On signage and livery it delivers an organised way to see Tui at its best.
The net result is a brand that looks and feels sharper, doing the beer and the brand justice it deserves.