Vue de monde reaches new heights

Vue de monde Rialto

When Head Chef/Owner Shannon Bennett took the opportunity to move Vue de monde from Little Collin’s Street to Level 55 of the Rialto building, Designworks was approached to develop a new positioning and design for the brand and restaurant that encompassed Bennett’s shifting cuisine focus of locally sourced produce and an Australian inspired menu.

Inspired by the Victorian gold rush era; unique to our region and fuelled by extravagant stories of wealth and early gold discoveries. Designworks took the idea of opulence and indulgence by using touches of gold embellishments and tactile materials throughout the work but still giving it a quirky Vue de monde twist through the use of hand drawn illustrations by Head Chef Corrie Campbell and Tom Samek. The notion of hand craft and tactility is further emphasised through the use of hand embossed monograms, personalised handwritten menus and authentic wax seals.

Designworks also approached some of Melbourne's finest talents to collaborate with throughout the project, including Captains of Industry who produced the restaurants range of leather menus, and jewellery designer Julia deville who created custom made gold pieces for the wine menu as well as sommelier brooches.